Airdrop and ICO is Over

It might not seem like it but it’s been over a month since Airdrop/ICO started. The statistics of these are amazing! In total we managed:

  • ICO Tokens Purchase: 53,033,435 CHIMPY
  • Referral Tokens: 1,688,843 CHIMPY
  • Bonus Tokens: 3,303,430 CHIMPY
  • Airdrop Tokens: 1,926,484 CHIMPY
  • Liquidity Tokens: 3,500,000 CHIMPY (We used this CHIMPY to add liquidity on WBNB/CHIMPY pair.

In relation to values, we were able to raise in total:

  • BTC: 0.00497
  • ETH: 0.16623
  • BNB: 23.61965

Social Media:

  • Twitter: 7,245 Followers
  • Reddit: 6,461 Chimpies
  • Telegram: 11,831 Members


You can create proposals here: Voting ChimpySwap , so that we can all contribute with ideas and initiatives to make ChimpySwap grow!

What is happening with the ChimpySwap platform?

I think all Chimpies have realized that ChimpySwap is not a scam or a rugpull. We don’t want to be competing with EyeSwap, we want to be competing with PancakeSwap!

What happened is that we are using thegraph API to get information about pairs and tokens. The problem was that we are only getting the values ​​in BNB and not in USD. This harms the entire functioning of ChimpySwap, because without the CHIMPY price in USD, Yield Farms cannot calculate APR (It cannot also obtain the values ​​in USD from WBNB, USDT, BUSD) and Exchange can’t swap.

We apologize to everyone for this inconvenience, but believe me, there is no one who wants ChimpySwap to succeed more than us!

We are working like monkeys to get everything up and running as quickly as possible!

If you want to see the API in question, you can see it here:

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at