ChimpySwap News

The following news is not what we would like to announce but ChimpySwap has been updated. The reason we did it:

→ We made an error in the MasterChimpy contract where the function to make safeChimpyTransfer has an error, that is, the name does not match with the one actually defined in the function in the LianaToken contract.

→ The intended values ​​for the APR were not the most adequate, as it helped large CHIMPY whales to break the market when they wanted it.

→ We have removed MIgrator function from MasterChimpy

→ Everyone deserves a chance to clean up their mistakes.

What will happen to ChimpySwap?

ChimpySwap will remain the same as it was but with new contracts. This new version of ChimpySwap works 100% perfectly!

The new contracts are:

ChimpyToken: 0x026a3918A6D6F7B7b1b6887B8B650143b5d04732
Factory: 0xADfFd760F642b5305b0AbDa21cf956Dd836B5de5
Router: 0x61D04f556F1B5EBe38548cBD27FC9BDcf87Bad44
MasterChimpy: 0xFb9E3Ef29C5f98291eCc20c39f833D304d9DbB80
ChimpyVault: 0x802F032e84f06C7D2fD8f0181867149EC5890aCe

How do I recover my tokens used to give liquidity?

We made a tutorial in our docs on how to recover your CHIMPY-LP and CHIMPY Tokens, as well as withdraw your funds invested in liquidity. Check this links:

Recover Staked Old Chimpy:

Recover Staked Old Chimpy-LP:

Recover funds from Liquidity:

Swap Old CHIMPY for New CHIMPY:

Burn Road Map:

We’ve released our first Burn Road Map! I hope you like it and if you have something to add, you know, do it on


We know it took some time to resolve the harvest/unstake issue. But I hope you understand that no type of Rugpull will come out of ChimpySwap. Every day we wake up with a common goal, to make CHIMPY a TOP 5 token in Binance Smart Chain.

Trust it, took a while, but the brain wasted these last few weeks paid off!

Hope you like it! There is more and better to come!



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