ChimpySwap Updates and Roadmap!

2 min readAug 7, 2021


It doesn’t seem like it but it’s been a month since we started airdrop/ico. And we couldn’t be happier with the results obtained!

Just to think that there are still 3 days (Airdrop) to go, where anything can happen! You can see the countdown here: Airdrop Countdown

Let’s get down to business, until the 7th of August we have:

✅ We have exactly 7,509 addresses.

✅ 25 689 079 CHIMPY tokens have already been distributed in Airdrop, ICO and Referral. Explaining better:

  • Airdrop: 1,904,758 CHIMPY
  • ICO: 22,025,079 CHIMPY
  • Referral: 864,548 CHIMPY
  • Bonus: 1,251,160 CHIMPY

✅ From 9 July to today with the ICO we have already managed to raise 0.09298 ETH, 0.00436 BTC and 10.49105 BNB to use in liquidity pool.

Attention: We are using some money raised from ICO for the fees to distribute the airdrops. We decided to use a bulk sender so that we can reach everyone faster! We have already removed 0.5 BNB.

✅ We have launch our RoadMap.

Some chimpie who isn’t from our team decided to get ahead of us and create our pool at PancakeSwap! Due to this, we have already crossed one of our steps from the roadmap!

Thanks chimpy! I think you got our message:





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