First Week on CoinMarketCap and More

3 min readOct 12, 2021


Well guys, what a week! There are so many news that I don’t even know where to start! This week:

  • We have triplicated the holders from 230 chimpies to 731 chimpies
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • More than 23,423 transfers with CHIMPY
  • More than 55k on ChimpySwap Liquidity
  • We added the ETH-BNB pair
  • We launched the Chimpy Online Store

About Burn

We managed to “cross” the first requirement of our Burn Map, where we burned a Million CHIMPY tokens. We didn’t stop here, and decided to create two weekly burns, where every:

🔥 Tuesday we burn half of the CHIMPY earned in the ChimpySwap Exchange fees

🔥 Saturday we burn CHIMPY won by staking MasterChimpy in the Manual Chimpy Pool.

What’s missing now?

We’ve been trying to read all the tips that the chimpie community has provided us so well. We know that sometimes we don’t answer all the questions, but understand that we are two people developing new content for CHIMPY/ChimpySwap, both in terms of marketing and development, which sometimes makes it difficult to stop hard work for answer all questions!
We then decided to create a daily 10-minute AMA, where Chimpy Dev will answer questions between 20:00–23:00.

Thank you for the contribution you are making to the community! Some of your advice is already waiting to be answered/accept, as well as:

  • Coingecko Listing: Waiting response
  • Certik Audit: It takes 10k dollars to be able to request an audit, which is currently not possible for us.
  • Donate in CHIMPY to chimpanzee help organizations: We are in negotiation
  • Other exchanges: We are evaluating all hypotheses, and to enter an exchange on average is a value above 5k dollars, so we are evaluating all in relation to quality / price.

Why isn’t liquidity locked?

About the unlocked liquidity: Although we have the LP’s unlocked, we have REMOVED THE MIGRATOR function from the contract, so we are NOT able to rugpull anything from you. If we wanted to remove all the liquidity we provided we could but we will not because we want this project to grow, and we know that if we do that the project is not going to the moon. We have the lp’s unlocked because as the project is still growing, sometimes is needed to move some of our liquidity to another pools if they don’t have much, by doing this we can provide liquidity for more tokens, even if it’s not that much for now. In some time we will insert in the roadmap some objectives, maybe, like locking liquidity gradually to ensure everything is smooth.

What is the team doing?

The team has been working on:

  • Being able to convince chimpanzee aid organizations to receive donations in crypto, that is, in CHIMPY is something that only benefits them. All software development is already done, all that’s left is to have partner organizations
  • developing several games, and we are now dealing with the responsive part of the games, as well as the contracts that will allow the battles.
  • in arranging partnerships at the level of marketing, exchanges, audit and telegram moderators.




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