How to Take Part in the MegaChimpy?

3 min readDec 8, 2021

MegaChimpy is a lottery game in which players from join in the fun to win huge life changing jackpots. You pick five numbers from 1 to 50 and two Chimpy numbers from 1 to 9.

The minimum play for MegaChimpy is 0.01 BNB per ticket.

The minimum jackpot is €17 million and rolls-up from there if the jackpot is not won.

MegaChimpy rewards will depend on the value of tickets purchased, as well as the day of closing a round and opening a new one. At this moment, in a first phase we will wait to reach 5k usd in bnb in rewards to close the first round and start a new round. From the second round onwards, each round will start to be fortnightly.

What are the possible combinations to win a reward?

The rewards for each rank will be updated consonant the number of tickets bought.

How to participate in Mega Chimpy?

  1. Go to the Mega Chimpy page here.
  2. Choose 5 Numbers.
50 Numbers in Total

3. Choose 2 Chimpies.

10 Chimpies in Total

4. If you want to change a choosen Chimpie or Number, click “Erase Bet”.

“Erase Bet” Button

5. To confirm and Buy your ticket, click “Buy Ticket”.

“Buy Ticket” Button

6. Confirm on “Confirm”. The price of one ticket is 0.01 BNB.

7. Wait for the confirmation.

8. Go to “My History”.

“My History” Button

9. You can see your History of all rounds.

Tickets History On Mega Chimpy

Done! You now have a chance to win the lottery.

Soon the UI/UX of the game will be updated and improved! Stay tuned!

Any tip, just message on Telegram or Twitter.




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