November Resume

3 min readNov 23, 2021

It’s been another crazy month in the Jungle! From the new partnership to the new website features!

Full November recap and links below!

Done Until Now

First Pool Partnership: We have started a collaboration with OliveCash. You can stake OLIVE, earn CHIMPY on and stake CHIMPY, earn OLIVE on You can read more here:

Portfolio is Live: Portfolio is in Beta Version. But right now you can already check the amount and price of your LPTockens. Just connect your wallet, go to Profile, and Click “My Portfolio”;


New Betting Game “Monkey Bounce”: We have decided to bet on Betting Games, so we have created another for you! Have you already played this? We are trying to give better games and improving the old games too. Soon you can put games on FullScreen.

“Monkey Bounce” Game

Starting ads on Youtube: We have putted some amount of money on Youtube ads. You can check the ad here ! Give us your opinion!

Finish API for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko: We want to list ChimpySwap Token on CMC and CGecko with chart tracking CHIMPY/BNB ChimpySwap pair. If you have curiosity, you can check here all the link that we are working on this month:

- Summary for ChimpySwap
— TVL of ChimpySwap
— For ChimpySwap Pairs:<address_pair>
— For Tokens:<address_token>

Two new Social Media Pages: Facebook Page and Discord Channel already live!

Locked Liquidity on PancakeSwap CHIMPY/BNB pair: Chimpy community complained about a info on PooCoin saying that a wallet hold 98% of the liquidity of CHIMPY/BNB pair, so we decide to lock liquidity until 11 November 2022.

Liquidity Locked

Two New Members on the Team: We have recruited two moderators for Telegram Group. To help us on give quick and good responses to all of your questions.

New Telegram Moderators

Two New Yield Trees: We have created two new yield trees, DOT/BNB and LTC/BNB. They are with a good APR, chimpies!

Until Next Time

While November might be over, DeFi is still only heating up. So what’s next for ChimpySwap? Well I’m glad you asked!

We are working to finish NFTSale and MegaChimpy contract to start ads with ChainLink Integration. (Both entities, ChimpySwap and ChainLink will advertise this integration). We have decided to add ChimpySwap to other chains like Avalanche and Fantom Chain. So we are creating a defi bridge and all the contracts on other chains, to create a ecosystem on ChimpySwap, “All in one”.




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