OliveCash X ChimpySwap

2 min readNov 22, 2021

Chimpies like olives too! 🐵💖🌳

What is OliveCash?

OliveCash is a multi-chain Yield Farming project running on Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Polygon chains. OliveCash is not only Meme Coins Launchpad.

What is their Vision?

OliveCash has the goal of fostering AMM, Yield Farming and DeFi market by facilitating the participation of traditional investors to the Crypto Ecosystem. Expanding the potential market reach requires simple and smooth interfaces as well as easier connections between Fiat and Crypto markets. To increase protocol economical sustainability, we aim at increasing burning fees and defining additional deflationary strategies benefitting holders.

What does this mean for Chimpies?

ChimpySwap is proud to be Olive’s DEX partner on BSC, and can’t wait for our partnership on other chains! 🙌

Happening now:

  • Swap $OLIVE directly on ChimpySwap📈
  • Stake $CHIMPY and earn $OLIVE 🚜 (Dec 25 2021 18:26:22 UTC) on OliveCash
  • Stake $OLIVE and earn $CHIMPY 🍌(Dec 25 2021 18:26:22 UTC)) on ChimpySwap
  • Plus a few more surprises coming soon! 🔜




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