What is happening to this new Pool?

3 min readDec 3, 2021

I know you must be disappointed in us regarding the rewards of the new “STAKEchimpyEARNfins” pool and the maximum amount of 50,000,000 CHIMPY staked in the pool per wallet.

Everything has a reason to be.

In short, chronologically:

→ We have deployed the pool smart contract;

→ We tweet about the new future partnership;

→ One entity looked at this as an opportunity. This individual was 5 hours in the Pool farming alone, with the values changed by him(As the startblock of the Pool that he put to earlier, and the valuerewardtoken that we increase considerably). When we realized what had happened, we immediately took what was left of the End from the pool (400$). Since at the beginning we had added 4k usd in Fins. In short, this guy took us $3300 in ends.

In the image below, you can see the transactions marked in red, which are the deposits and withdraws of this individual, and a green our transactions.

What did we do to resolve this?

As we didn’t break our word, we had to recreate the same pool and send what was left of FINS to it. As this amount is already considerably reduced, we decided that it could only be LIVE if there was a CHIMPY staked limit in the pool, as well as very low rewards.

What prevents the same from happening again?

We changed the contract so that no contract or proxy can interact with the contract.

Add modifier notContract()
Add notContract() to deployPool function

If you want to check with more attention, check here:


We apologize to the entire CHIMPY community! It is with mistakes that you learn!
So we look at this as an opportunity, that is, in the future with new cross chain partnerships, we know that the same cannot happen again!

And get ready chimpies, a lot of news on the way!




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